‘You deserve a life of health and vitality –

and you have the potential to create it.’


Michele is the founder and creator of The MEGA SELF Method – a behaviour change, and emotional healing program dedicated to empowering positive change that aligns individuals with the life they want to create. Michele believes in the human being’s capacity to move beyond their personal limitations and into a space of optimal health and freedom where they can manifest their greatest dreams and desires. 

She is a dynamic presenter and delivers transformative and emotionally engaging presentations, online programs, workshops, and keynotes. Each presentation disrupts, enquires, and motivates a more conscious, awakened, and deliberate path forward. 

Michele’s MEGA SELF mission is to support individual’s worldwide to break free from unhealthy habits, limited thinking, outdated beliefs, and restrictions caused by emotional pain and patterns of self-sabotage. 

She holds the belief that as individuals cultivate greater well-being, encompassing emotional, mental, and physical aspects, a profound ripple effect occurs, fostering harmonious and vibrant relationships, flourishing communities, and ultimately contributing to a more serene and tranquil planet.

Michele is a behaviour change results coach and speaker who combines lifestyle medicine, mindset empowerment strategies, quantum healing techniques and tools for emotional regulation. She believes all long-term change is ultimately a change in identity and her passion is to guide and support individuals to design and create a NEW identity that serves WHO they wish to become. 


Her areas of speciality include 


  • Long term behaviour change
  • Emotional healing and subconscious brain reprogramming
  • Wellbeing programs and group coaching for organisation
  • Wellbeing keynote presentations

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Michele is passionate about helping individuals and organizations THRIVE.

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‘Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.’
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