Working with a health coach is a life changing experience. A health coach works to empower you to live your healthiest life. They have a wealth of knowledge in healthy eating, stress management and tools to create and support life balance.

A health coach can literally be the difference between falling off the wagon (yet again), or finally creating the health and getting the results you want in your life.

They are someone who understands your journey and are willing to support you. Remember, this is your journey and you alone need to create change BUT you can’t do it alone.

Below I have included 6 reasons why hiring a health coach could be the most incredible investment you can make in your future.

1.      Understands behaviour change – Change is challenging and if it weren’t, we would all be living the lives of our dreams. So many of us know what we should be doing but something often gets in the way to creating change. A good coach will help you see your limiting beliefs, they will help you believe in yourself again and they will support you through the often-challenging terrain. They will help you get clear on your individual patterns and roadblocks and support you in creating strategies that allow you to evolve rather than repeat behaviour.

2.      Works with you as an individual – There are so many conflicting views on the internet with what’s healthy and what diet works. At the end of the day you are unique and need a unique approach to your well being. A health coach helps you find what is right for your body and helps you create a lifestyle that is sustainable long term.

3.      A health coach keeps you accountable. Knowing that you have a follow up call in a week’s time keeps you on track and more committed to your outcome. Research shows social support makes people more likely to stick with behavioural changes like exercising, eating healthy and reducing alcohol. A coach is in your corner and keeps you accountable.


4.      Helps you bring your life into balance – long term. Do you go well on a ‘diet’ until something stressful happens in your life? Having a great coach can set you up for long term success by empowering you with tools and strategies to create and maintain life balance. And the tools are yours to keep forever!

5.      Saves you money and pain – A health coach can save you emotionally and financially from years of continuing to look for solutions in quick fix approaches or fad diets. A good health coach is focused on setting you up with well being strategies that last a lifetime.

6.      Helps you get very clear on what your vision for your future looks like – In order to create lasting change, you need to be connected to a compelling reason and deeply know your BIG why! When faced with challenges, it is common to lose sight of your WHY and a health coach can continually remind and connect you back to your reason WHY!