Mega Self Initiative Curriculum


‘It’s empowering to think that we can change our future by merely changing our attitude in this moment.’ Michele Sayers



Understands what the present moment is, in relation to the past and the


Understands the benefit of being in the present moment.
I understand how to use my senses to connect with the present moment.


‘Using my senses to bring me into the NOW’ activity.


Chime, hand symbols or singing bowl Class set of ‘Using my senses to bring me into the NOW’ worksheet


Optional – Show ‘Mindfulness for kids – what does being present mean?’
This can be shown to begin task or use it as a lesson transition.

Introduction – Where is the lesson going and what is expected?
Big questions: What are we learning about? Why?

Introduce the learning intentions and contextualise the lesson in terms of students becoming their MEGA SELF.
Tell the students that they will practice focussing on the present moment. Ask students to raise their hand to define ‘the present’. Introduce the words PAST​ and FUTURE.

Explain to the class that the word present can also mean a gift. Explain the concept of how being focused on the past or focused on the future can lead us to losing the gift of this moment.

Activity 1 – Past/future brainstorm

● On a whiteboard draw 3 columns with the heading PAST PRESENT FUTURE

● Ask the students to brainstorm something that happened in the past and record their responses in the past column. The teacher could ask, ‘What did you have for dinner last night? What did you do in the last school holidays?’

● Ask students to brainstorm something that might happen in the future and record their responses. ‘What will happen after school today. Where are you going on the weekend?’

Success criteria – Taking turns talking, listen to others, brainstorming

Activity 2 – Connecting with the NOW

● Explain that you will now find out what is happening in this present moment.

● Some questions might include – “What is happening right now? How can you tell?”

● Get students to think about their 5 senses – what are they?

● Ask students to describe what they hear, see, taste, smell, or are touching right now. ‘What things are around you? What sounds can you hear. What can you smell? What can you feel? How does the
temperature feel?

● Record responses in the “PRESENT” column.

Success criteria – Taking turns talking, listen to others, brainstorming

Activity 3 – Experiencing the NOW through sound

● Introduce students to the singing bowl.

● If you don’t have a bowl teacher can use the following meditation –

● Ask students to listen to the sound of the bowl until they can’t hear it anymore.

● Ask students to share (in partners) what they experienced with their senses.

● Explain that together you just practiced mindfulness: the act of noticing and paying attention to what is going on right now.

● Write the word mindfulness on the board.

Success criteria – Share experience with a partner, make suggestions of what they experienced, think carefully, connect with the now

Activity 4 – Experiencing the NOW through sound

● Hand out the ‘Using my senses to bring me into the NOW’ worksheet.

● Students can complete worksheet independently.

● Support students as needed


● Students can share experiencing orally
● If students are needing a brain/body break a support teacher can take them outside to feel, smell and connect with their 5 senses

Success criteria – Answer questions thoughtfully, summarise what they have learnt, connect with their 5 senses

Reflection – rethinking and revising

● Connect with the word mindfulness on the board.

● Ask students to express what mindfulness means to them.

● Teacher can use the singing bowl throughout the mindfulness focussed week to reconnect students to the NOW.

● The meditation can be accessed at home by students and parents to foster mindfulness in the home –

Success criteria – Summarise what they have learnt, integrate learning through the week, integrate and share learning to the wider community

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