Did you know that you have a secret magic wand at your disposal that can help you step into your MEGA SELF potential more easily and effortlessly?

Mmmmmm- I bet I have you thinking there!

It’s called: Your BELIEFS and THOUGHTS and how you choose to assign a meaning to your life experience! Everything around us is neutral – until we choose to assign it a meaning. We will often assign something a meaning based on our past experiences, cultural beliefs, family programs, teachers, peers, and the list continues. The meaning we assign something, based on the filter from our life experience, creates a program in our mind which has the capacity to become our ‘truth’ and our reality.

Ultimately, what we pay attention to in our world, affects what shows up in our reality. So, if we had to break this down to one empowered statement it is that – YOU are the one in charge of your experience in this world. You can choose to draw in more of what you want and leave behind what you don’t.

Now, I truly believe that we are all that powerful. The challenge here, however, is held within the outdated programming of our past self. The self that is desperate to stay the same. The self that is addicted to familiarity and comfort. The self that has been rehearsing a program for so long, that it has no idea how to be and act in a new program.

Most of us have forgotten how powerful we are. We’ve been taught to play small. We have been taught to dim our light. We have been taught to think in limited and restrictive ways. To truly step into our most empowered state – our MEGA SELF potential, we will need to take back our control.

We need to choose who we want to be. We need to decide to be in the driver’s seat and choose a direction that many of us are too afraid of, or to set in our ways, to follow.

Every one of us gets to choose between:

  • Limitations or Opportunity.
  • Love or Fear.
  • Joy or Boredom.
  • Gratitude or Lack.
  • Learning Experience or Failure.
  • Wisdom or Repeated Cycles.

I guess as Joe Dispenza says – ‘We need to break the habit of being ourselves.’

So, how do we do this?

Ultimately, we will need support along the way so that we can ‘learn’ how to unbecome what doesn’t serve us so that we can become what does. It all depends on what we believe is possible and how much we are ready and willing to commit to that future possibility. Where attention goes – energy flows.

Here are 3 powerful steps to support you to start the process to shifting your reality and re-framing thoughts so that they are aligned to your future self.

STEP ONE – Notice Your Thoughts

To initiate a shift in your reality, simply start to observe the thoughts and the meaning you assign to the thoughts that dominate your day-to-day living.

  • What are the most predominate thoughts that enter your mind?
  • What type of conversations are you having?
  • How often are you stepping into fear-based thinking?
  • How are you communicating with your inner self?

Most of us don’t think of our thoughts as something we can control. Instead, we let our minds be consumed by everything around us, without considering the impact of these thoughts on our well-being. We need to become the master of our mind rather than our mind be the master of us.

In the week ahead – Can you aim to cultivate awareness of where your attention goes. Initially, this practice might feel unfamiliar, but you’ll be amazed by how much of your energy and time are being consumed by things that aren’t aligned with what you truly want.

Are you focused on things within your circle of control or are you worrying about things you have no control over?

What are the habitual patterns of thinking that have been programmed into your mind over the past years?

STEP TWO – How are your thoughts serving you?

Let me start by explaining the THINK, FEEL, ACT cycle – an automatic process going on inside us constantly.

By gaining an understanding of this cycle we can understand how our brain is constantly thinking thoughts and making judgements. These judgements influence or create our emotions. Our emotions then influence the way in which we act or the resulting behaviour. And from these actions we get our outcomes and our personal reality.

In the second step we need to understand how our thoughts are serving us.

Are our thoughts taking us toward the outcome we desire? Are our thoughts based on fact or merely our interpretation of the event? Are we in a continued cycle of negative thinking and do we need to do something to break the loop?

Remember – YOU are a Conscious Creator, and you can change your thoughts by first recognising how they are either serving you or how they are taking you further away from the life you want to create. Your thoughts are optional and can be changed when you have cultivated awareness and over time ‘practised’ a new way of thinking and believing. This is where your power lies.

Remember also – not all thoughts need to be changed. Some are there for a very good reason and protect you from danger and show you where you are not in alignment with yourself. But many of your unhelpful thoughts are wasted energy over things that are not in your circle of control.

Personally, I aim to hold a space or curiosity within my thoughts. Trying to force them away doesn’t really work for me. Rather having awareness of the thoughts that are not serving me and then redirecting my attention to a mantra or thought process that does can be extremely powerful. I also like to repeat the mantra or the new thought process as I am waking up in the morning or falling asleep at night as my brain is a more receptive state at these times.

STEP 3 – What triggers activate your unhelpful thoughts?

These can also be called our ‘automatic thoughts.’ They pop into our heads in response to a trigger and they can make us feel like we don’t have any control over our thoughts. The thought can then trigger a myriad of different emotions – anxiety, guilt, shame, fear, anxiety, frustration, anger

ught process. And if we can break the energy of that thought before it becomes an emotion, we can then break the pattern of the unhelpful behaviours that result from the resulting emotion, unworthiness.

I guess we can call our automatic thoughts our negative self-talk. It’s often irrational, untrue and doesn’t serve our mental wellness. They can easily take us down a negative spiral as they have a huge impact on our emotions and then subsequent behaviours and actions.

This is why it is so important to understand our personal triggers and the automatic thoughts that result from these triggers. When we have cultivated awareness of our triggers and the subsequent automatic thought process, we are more empowered to break the cycle and energy of that tho

We can start to interrupt the pattern.

Alternatively, we can also recognise the emotional reaction resulting from the unhelpful thought. We can start to gain a deeper awareness of what triggered the automatic thought and choose to move through the emotion in a healthy way.

Our power to change our reality therefore lies in our continued ability to be more agile in identifying our thought patterns and having tools in place to shift our thinking to a more empowered space.    By seeking support to unravel our triggers and understanding the THINK – FEEL – ACT cycle, we can start to learn and imprint a new way of being and embody our MEGA empowered SELF.