Matrix Subconscious Reprogramming

The biggest challenge with long term behaviour change is in the gap between what you consciously want to create and the result of what you are getting.

If you find yourself saying, ‘I want to be healthy and vital,’ and yet you are still choosing behaviours that don’t align with that reality – there is an inner block or outdated program that is keeping you stuck.

There is always a strong need for the human brain to stay consistent with how we have always defined ourselves. Our beliefs are therefore self-fulfilling because our mind looks for evidence to stay consistent with our past definition. 

For behaviour change to be lasting we need to do 3 things – 

  1. Create and embody our new identity. WHO do we want to become!
  2. Align our subconscious and conscious mind. 
  3. Take empowered ACTION.

By focusing on these 3 aspects, we can then tap into our full potential and achieve our goals and life aspirations more easily. 

We all have our own personal limits – often this involves feeling unable to create change or the repetition of the same cycle which creates the same outcome. 

There is however a POWERFUL force inside every human being that once activated – can make any vision or dream a reality. It’s the ability to remove past conditioning and limitations, TAKE ACTION, repeat often, and then to become that new identity. 

By learning how to access the unlimited potential that exists within you – you can expect to become and move through obstacles and mental patterns that have kept you stuck in the past. 

The Matrix Subconscious Switch Technique is just that. It switches on your potential and switches off your old programming. It helps you move past obstacles and limitations so that you feel empowered and able to step confidently into your new reality. 

It puts YOU into the powerful position of becoming the author, director, producer, and actor in your own play!

The MS switch technique is a powerful combination of – 

  • Visualization
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Energy medicine
  • Left and Right Brain Integration
  • Colour therapy 

The MS switch technique is about creating neural pathways and beliefs (SUBCONSCIOUS) and an energetic frequency (MATRIX) that serves your highest potential of who you wish to become. 

In the process we tap into the unlimited potential of your higher self by accessing a state of pure consciousness/deep relaxation. Your higher self knows exactly what needs to be released so that you can access your potential. It is also aware of all patterns of energy that are not in alignment to this potential. 

Using the MS switch technique, you learn how to tap into your higher self and access your innate wisdom. You will then change beliefs that no longer serve you, release outdated and stagnant energy patterns, and align your brain to the new identity and potential you choose to create for yourself. 

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