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Empowering individuals to reconnect with vitality, emotional balance and optimal health.




Functional Energy Medicine Practitioner


Health Coach


Corporate health and wellbeing facilitator


Retreat leader

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Michele is passionate about empowering clients to get to the root cause of what’s causing physical, mental and emotional imbalance within their life.

She brings a unique approach to coaching, speaking, transformation, and sustainable weight loss by combining her nutritional science-based knowledge and intuitive energy healing abilities to create a holistic approach to health and wellness

Michele is a gifted seminar leader who uses her 15 years’ experience as a secondary teacher to facilitate events that are both informative and entertaining. Her seminars LAUNCH YOUR HEALTH MINDSET and CREATING YOUR MEGA SELF bring people together to experience and create transformation and balance in their lives. 

Michele has created a program called Mind to Body to Balance – Program your DNA for weight loss and health success. She believes so many individuals are struggling to follow a healthy lifestyle because they just don’t have tools and strategies to deal with emotional overload and stress. She is very focussed in empowering individuals to reclaim abundant health – mentally, emotionally and physically. Her approach includes nutrition, exercise, meditation, releasing trapped and supressed emotions and finding positive ways to release stress and trauma. She helps individuals all over Australia increase positive emotions and feel in control again. 

Michele is also on a mission to facilitate a process that transforms consciousness and works to solve issues like addiction, burn out, depression and anxiety. Her philosophy to permanent healing and health is in empowering, aligning and guiding clients to emotional, spiritual and physical wellbeing. 

Michele’s vision is to provide and equip as many people as she can with practical knowledge, positive mindset tools, resources and strategies to manage life force energy within them and thus create incredible shifts that transform lives.

Could it be that the greatest transformation on the planet is in each individual’s courage to love and accept themselves and in doing so live a life that is healthy, connected and driven by purpose?

Michele has devoted her life to transformation, storytelling, and helping others become their best selves. In her own words. ‘All healing, all change, all creation of a better way begins with self. That is what I find so empowering. We are all in control of our own lives and we can change any aspect of ourselves in this moment right now.’

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Health Coach, Speaker and Functional Energy Medicine Practitioner - Empowering YOU to reconnect with vitality, emotional balance and optimal health.

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