Meet Michele

Do you believe you deserve more?

Michele is passionate about empowering clients and organisations to get to the root cause of what’s causing physical, mental, and emotional imbalance within their life.

She brings a unique approach in supporting clients to create quantum shifts in their personal reality and overall wellbeing. Her focus is always to disrupt outdated subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs, so clients feel motivated and empowered to choose a more conscious, awakened, and deliberate path forward.

Michele is the creator of both The MEGA SELF METHOD in behaviour change and THE MATRIX SUBCONSCIOUS REPROGRAMMING SWITCH TECHNIQUE.

She is a gifted seminar leader and uses her prior teaching experience to facilitate events that are both informative, educational, and entertaining. Her presentations are designed to disrupt, enquire, and motivate change.

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Private sessions with Michele are in person (Torquay) or via zoom (World wide).

Or call Michele on 0419 613 777

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