The Mega Self Program

Empowering individuals and organizations to create optimal health and wellness so that they can feel in control and step into their full potential.

Michele is the creator of the MEGA SELF PROGRAM.

Her aim is to empower individuals and organizations to step into physical, mental and emotional wellbeing using lifestyle medicine.

As a secondary school teacher for over 15 years she can deeply connect with the stress and struggles professionals and students can face. Her approach is to design a program that suits your organisation or school.

‘The ultimate cause of disease is stress. It’s not even so much the stress that is coming at you, but HOW YOU HANDLE THE STRESS.’ – Dr Jeffrey Thompson

Her work focusses on the importance of creating daily space through self-care strategies. Her vision is to empower individuals to create a space in which they can choose responses to challenge and stress that help reduce and release that stress. Her core framework is in developing emotional resilience using 8 evidence-based strategies that drive mental wellness. A path in becoming your MEGA SELF

For the past 8 years Michele has been immersing herself in leading and facilitating behaviour change. She leads by example and uses the strategies in the MEGA SELF framework to bring about balance in her life and those of the people she works with.

Through her own stories and learnings, she shares evidence-based strategies that empower individuals to gain new insights. Her programs are customized to the workplace with a foundation and focus on –









What others say 

Flavia – Nurse (Melbourne)

Michele, you continue to inspire me! You have no idea how much you have changed my life. Listening to you speak has completely shifted my mental approach to health. Since I first met you, I have made massive changes in my life – emotionally and physically. My doctor is amazed at the changes in my blood tests too. My mood, sleep and health continue to improve every day. I can’t even remember the last time I felt so in control within my choices and health. I feel like I now have tools to deal with stress and challenges and I love your triangle to reconnect with how I CHOOSE to respond. Thank you for sharing MEGA SELF yesterday – AMAZING. I am now also sharing your 3,2,1 method at the hospital with my patients. I wish I could be at one of your seminars every month. I hope to live this way forever and know that with my mindset change I can do and am already doing just that!

Lynda – Teacher (Melbourne)

Michele is the most incredible speaker and facilitator I have met, and she has guided me through making huge changes in my life. She is so positive, loving, wise and respectful and has given me the confidence and space to lead my best life. My health practitioners were amazed in the changes in my health and wellbeing. Her approach is not just about healthy eating, it’s about nourishing your mind, body and soul.

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our ability to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.

Get involved to empower your students or staff to become their MEGA healthy SELF.
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Health Coach, Speaker and Functional Energy Medicine Practitioner - Empowering YOU to reconnect with vitality, emotional balance and optimal health.

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