Stress is a normal reaction and helps our bodies adjust to new situations.

However, stress becomes a problem when our stressors continue without relief or periods of relaxation. The importance of releasing the energy that builds in our body because of the stress we are experiencing is therefore vital in our ability to regulate our emotional and mental body.

So much of the stress we feel is created by our minds and our thinking process so learning tools to reframe unhelpful thought patterns can be extremely helpful. By changing our thinking process, we change our emotional state which results in a decrease in stress.

And then there is the stress that is unavoidable and part of life. Some stress we can’t avoid so our body needs conscious space throughout our day to recalibrate and allow the stress cycle to be completed. This allows the charge of the heightened emotional energy to be released so we are not carrying it through to the following day.

Stress creates dis – ease at a cellular level. If the cells in the body stay in a constant state of dis – ease, a physical issue will eventually be created in the form of disease.

Find out how to release stress from the body here and I have also included a very relaxing meditation to support you in this process which can be found here.