Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)
and Hypnotherapy

Michele’s passion is helping individuals clear the energetic blocks that are keeping them stuck in challenging emotional patterns, chronic health issues and physical pain.

What is Emotional Freedom Technique/Tapping?

Emotional Freedom Technique is about returning the mind, body and emotions to a state of balance and harmony so that you are not limited by negative thoughts and feelings. Even though we are ‘designed’ to recover from unpleasant past experiences and trauma, we are often still affected by these recurring emotions and negative thought patterns. We can also be affected by ongoing or future events such as work-related stress, interpersonal problems, depression and various kinds of anxieties. These emotions can become ‘stuck’ and as much as we try to ignore them, they still affect our lives.

According to Dr Peta Stapleton, ‘EFT has been researched in more than 10 countries, by more than 60 investigators, whose results have been published in more than 20 different peer-reviewed journals.  Australian research has found EFT for obesity and food cravings (Stapleton, Sheldon, Porter and Whitty, 2011; Stapleton, Sheldon & Porter, 2012) and smoking (Stapleton, Porter & Sheldon, 2012) to be extremely successful and durable over time.  Efficacy has also been established for phobias, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety, Depression, and pain.’


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How Does it Work?

EFT appears to affect the amygdala and the hippocampus and is shown to lower cortisol levels, which is the stress hormone. Too much cortisol can result in lowered immune function and ultimately affect our physical health and cause weight gain and other stress related diseases. Tapping is a tool which is practical, hands-on, and easy to apply and therefore easy to teach and equip clients to regulate their own stress response. 

Emotional Freedom Technique is a very effective yet gentle method of directly balancing the body’s emotional energy system. It’s a bit like clearing a log that’s blocking a stream where the log represents a stuck emotion in your stream of energy.

By using this process, Michele will help clear the disruptions in your body’s energy pathway and enable you to release the emotional conflicts and blocks which have created stress, negative emotions and limiting beliefs. When these blockages are released, your emotions come into balance.



Everyone wants to improve their quality of life. Hypnosis is an amazing tool to assist you!

  • Do you have a weight problem?
  • Are you concerned about your health and would like to stop smoking or give up alcohol?
  • Would you like to deal with the stress and anxiety in your life in a more effective way?
  • Are you experiencing illogical fears (phobias) that you would like to conquer?

If “yes” is the answer, then hypnosis combined with energy medicine techniques is your solution!

In the wake of medicine’s growing recognition of the role of psychological factors in illness; hypnosis has become a recognized therapeutic tool in the treatment of smoke addiction, weight control, phobias, physical pain and mental disorders.

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness, which feels like something between sleeping and waking, and has qualities of both these states. In general, hypnotized subjects find that their body is deeply relaxed, almost in a state of sleep, while their subconscious mind becomes very alert. This state of consciousness is what makes hypnosis an excellent tool for making positive change.

Michele has a number of pre recorded hypnotherapy audios she can share with you on your journey. 

Please note – Michele strongly believes in teaching stress management techniques in every session, no matter what the goal. The role that stress plays in compulsive behaviours such as overeating, smoking and the myriad of illnesses attributed to or exacerbated by stress is astounding. When one’s ability to deal with stress is addressed, many other issues become manageable or non-existent.

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