Weight Loss and emotional eating

Discover how to program your DNA for long term weight loss success so you can end the yo-yo dieting cycle, gain control of your eating patterns and create long term balance and freedom within your life.


Michele is a highly recognised speaker and coach in the area of weight loss and health. She conducts weekly mindset seminars at a private health and weight loss retreat in Australia. Michele has helped thousands of individuals create and sustain long term weight loss and health.

Working with Michele will help you get straight to the core reason your body and your mind might be struggling to create long term health. Get the guidance, support and accountability working personally with Michele. Learn how to program your unique DNA for weight loss success.


No Crash Diets


No Short cuts


No Short Term results

Did you know that you can gain control of your eating patterns, lose weight and create long term sustainable health by programming your mindset and DNA for ultimate health success?

Do you ever wonder why, no matter what diet you try, you end up with the same result?

Everything goes well, you have temporary success and then life throws you a curve ball. The stress builds, challenging emotions arise and old unhealthy habits creep back in. Suddenly you are binging, you have stopped exercising, and everything feels overwhelming and hopeless.

Here’s the secret. Diets don’t change behaviour. They merely restrict the intake of the very substance that is helping you cope with life challenges and stress. And, the more the stress and overwhelm builds, the more challenging the diet becomes which results in you feeling deprived of the very thing you NEED until you eventually give up.

Let me explain – When you are not releasing stress and negative emotions from your physical, mental and emotional body you are alerted to the imbalance within.

Physical pain, headaches, hormonal issues, anxiety, depression, weight gain, lethargy, sleep issues and the list continues…. The more intense this communication becomes the more you might try to escape what is going on for you and so you step into unhealthy habits and negative coping mechanisms – you merely need to survive another day.

Mind to Body to Balance is a process in which we use incredibly powerful healing and energy release techniques to allow the body to return to a state of balance. Together we program your mindset for positive behaviour change and create a realistic plan to allow your body to thrive – emotionally, mentally and physically. This is healing and health from the inside out!

Work with Michele as your personal weight loss coach and start the journey to creating long term health.

Contact Michele to create a personalised program suited to your weight loss needs

All programs include either face to face or online coaching and healing sessions.

Michele will help you heighten your awareness of your subconscious patterns and support positive behavioural habits including diffusing the appeal of certain foods.
You will find yourself enjoying eating healthy foods and exercising.
You will notice that you begin to “forget” about eating binges and thinking about food
continually. The weight will begin to come off as the underlying issues are addressed and the
basics of symptomatic behaviour are tapped away.

This is a beautiful and powerful journey to understanding your
most inner self and finding true freedom to live the life you truly want.

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