Work 1:1 With Michele
Work with Michele as your personal health coach
Mega Self is Michele’s signature health program and utilizes lifestyle medicine to create healing and health.

Michele has crafted different packages to suit individual needs that allow for deep, long term transformation and weight loss.

Depending on your personal needs, goals and situation you can work with Michele over a 12-week, 5 month or 12-month period.

The Mega Self program will support you to achieve your goals and to create long term change within your physical, emotional and mental health.


End the yo-yo dieting cycle


Gain control of your eating habits


Lose weight


Stop emotional eating


Create long term balance


Transform your life – mentally, emotionally and physically.

Mind to Body to Balance is a process in which we use incredibly powerful healing and energy release techniques to allow the body to return to a state of balance. Together we program your mindset for positive behaviour change and create a realistic plan to allow your body to thrive – emotionally, mentally and physically. This is healing and health from the inside out!

Why you are in the right place?

Michele is a highly recognised speaker and coach in the area of emotional eating, weight loss and health. She conducts weekly mindset seminars at a private health and weight loss retreat in Australia. Michele has helped thousands of individuals create and sustain long term weight loss and health.

Working with Michele will help you get straight to the core reason your body and your mind might be struggling to create long term health. Get the guidance, support and accountability working personally with Michele. Learn how to program your unique DNA for weight loss success.


No Crash Diets


No Short Cuts


No short term results

PLEASE NOTE – This program has been created by focussing on healing and health from the inside out. If personal growth, inner healing and creating a deeper understanding of yourself and your habits are not for you, then this is NOT the program for you.

If you are wanting a little more clarity as to whether this program can support and give you the transformation you are looking for, then please book in a FREE HEALTH STRATEGY CALL HERE!

This call is an opportunity to find out if working together is the right fit for both of us.




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This is a beautiful and powerful journey to understanding your most inner self and finding true freedom to live the life you truly want. 

What to expect on the journey –

  • Develop a healthy relationship with food and yourself
  • Prioritise self-care so that you can easily manifest health and wellness.
  • Increase your energy, motivation and vitality
  • Improve your relationships so that you can thrive in your life
  • Learn tools for time management and organisation so that you can fit exercise and meditation into your life
  • Create work/life balance
  • Effectively manage and release anxiety and overwhelm
  • Learn how to release suppressed emotions
  • Develop a desire to implement gratitude so that every day feels like a gift.
  • Start living your best life NOW.
  • Have weekly access to a support person and friend that has walked the journey and understands the unique challenges you face. Someone who is absolutely committed to help you move from where you are now to where you want to be.
  • Be accountable on your journey so that you can step up and create the change you have been contemplating.


My goal is to empower you to take control of your physical health and emotional wellbeing. I want you to leave the program with tools and strategies that can be used for life so that you NEVER have to fall back into old habits again.

What others say 


The first time I heard Michele speak I connected with her, I knew that she was special and everything she said resonated with me. Michele is the most incredible healer and coach that I have met, and she has guided me through making huge changes in my life. She is so positive, loving, wise and respectful and has given me the confidence and space to lead my best life. This course has transformed me in many ways. I have lost 13 kilograms in 11 weeks without dieting, just by eating lots of healthy food and exercising. I have also let go of the need to eat emotionally. I was addicted to chocolate and other sugary foods, but now I don’t crave them or miss them. I was a yoyo dieter for many years and I honestly thought nothing could change that.

This is not a diet, it’s a way of life that I love and feel in control of. My health practitioners were amazed in the changes in my health and wellbeing after completing the program. The program is not just about eating, it’s about nourishing your mind, body and soul. It is the structure, balance and ongoing support that this program provides that makes it so amazing. I loved the one on one healing sessions with Michele and the beautiful follow up emails and phone calls which helped me to stay motivated. Thank you, Michele! I have loved every moment of working with you.


Michele has changed my life. Since starting to spend time with her, I have come to realize how I have changed over time and how these changes weren’t supporting me to be in alignment with my true self. I allowed life to transform me into someone I didn’t want to be anymore, both physically, emotionally and mentally. Thanks to Michele, I am now seeing life in a totally new way, and in turn, I have the tools to become the true self that I am. To understand, trust and truly love yourself feels like the most powerful thing you could ever learn. You are a special person Michele, and I thank God every day for sending me to you.


Michele is a gentle, warm, kind soul who is attentive and present. I always felt heard and understood by Michele, not only because she has experienced her own journey with food and dieting, but because she would reflect my words and integrate them into the tapping and meditation.

The healing sessions have been simply divine and the insights Michele offers through the crystal grid and her intuition have been fascinating and very helpful. Michele has offered me a supportive shoulder and expertise to guide me through something that has plagued me for 25 years. I am super grateful for the support and wisdom Michele has offered me. Michele designed the program very well by integrating online material, face to face consults and phone/email support. Thanks, Michele, for your support and sharing your wisdom and expertise in this area that affects so many of us. Much love and thanks 🙂


My experience with Michele has been life changing. She has helped me emotionally with anxiety. On a physical level she has helped me change my pre-diabetes to a now non-existent condition. I could not recommend Michele highly enough. Take this opportunity to change your life for the better and begin your journey to rediscovering and healing yourself. Thank you, Michele.

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Health Coach, Speaker and Functional Energy Medicine Practitioner - Empowering YOU to reconnect with vitality, emotional balance and optimal health.

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