The biggest step many individuals fail to include on their health journey is getting clear on their WHY and VISION.

Your desire to change needs to be greater than your desire to stay the same – and without a strong WHY you will often fall back into the safety and predictability of your past self and past behaviours. Spending time developing your WHY allows you to consider your values and motivations for creating change.

Why is it necessary that you create this change?
What is the purpose behind this choice?
What will happen if you continue down your present path and do nothing about a specific challenge you are facing?

Your WHY is also your reference point every time you feel tempted to revert to old behaviours. Even if the original energy of motivation drops you will always have your WHY to focus on.

Once you are clear on your Vision and your Why you can start to break this down into achievable and more manageable steps.

What can you do this week that will take you towards your big picture?
Can you create a plan for the week ahead that will support and help you feel more organised?

The next fundamental step is support and accountability. You will need someone outside of yourself to hold you accountable. When you know you are going to check in with a support person, you are more likely to commit to your plan. This is a powerful motivator and one that leads to continued success.

Remember, if your why is powerful, if it is connected to a core value, if it deeply motivates you – you will create a HOW. And the more supported you are to create your HOW, the more successful you will be. Allow your why to be the beacon that guides and drives you every day. Allow it to motivate you to step into a version of yourself that you are proud of.