Medical Intuition and Energy Healing

Michele’s passion is helping individuals clear the energetic blocks that are keeping them stuck in challenging emotional patterns, chronic health issues and physical pain.

Michele LOVES and understands energy. She can ‘feel’ where clients are holding onto supressed trauma and emotions and using powerful techniques release and restore this energy at its core. Her gifts include being able to release emotions, unhealthy habits and subconscious programming that prevent individuals from living their best life. Michele has a highly successful practice in energy medicine that facilitates healing at a deep physical, emotional and mental level.

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What others say


Thank you, Michele for both of your unbelievable treatments. I’ve had daily pain in my left shoulder after dislocating it twice in the last 4 years and also daily pain in both my right hip and right shoulder after tearing both joints last year. I cannot believe the change in my body, after basically living on painkillers for years I honestly thought nothing would ever help to minimise all the pain after having regular treatments from other therapists for the last 4 years. I can now say I have had no pain in either shoulders since I met her 8 weeks ago at an expo and I’ve had very minimal pain in my right hip after my second treatment this week. 110% recommend her to anyone looking for long lasting results with a very gentle, relaxing and non-invasive treatment.



Michele has changed my life. Since starting to spend time with her, I have come to realize how I have changed over time and how these changes weren’t supporting me to be in alignment with my true self. I allowed life to transform me into someone I didn’t want to be anymore, both physically, emotionally and mentally. Thanks to Michele, I am now seeing life in a totally new way, and in turn, I have the tools to become the true self that I am. To understand, trust and truly love yourself feels like the most powerful thing you could ever learn. You are a special person Michele, and I thank God every day for sending me to you.” 




Amazing lady with a very special gift. I personally have had remarkable healings with Michele my jaw, shoulders, my head and back have had no more pain. I thank you so much. I highly recommend Michele for any issues that you might have. A very honest lady truly blessed.’   Michelle



My experience with Michele has been life changing. She has helped me emotionally with anxiety. On a physical level she has helped me change my pre-diabetes to a now non-existent condition. I could not recommend Michele highly enough. Take this opportunity to change your life for the better and begin your journey to rediscovering and healing yourself. Thank you, Michele.

You don’t have energy – You ARE energy! 

For centuries, Chinese medicine has focussed on restoring and balancing the flow of energy along the meridian lines.

And now science, through quantum physics, also validates the existence of subtle energy fields of energy beyond matter, atoms and swirling electrons.

The root cause of emotional, physical and mental challenges – from stress at work, to weight gain, to discord in relationships to chronic pain – is ENERGY. Or rather, the result of subtle blockages within the body’s energy field.



It begins with clearing, restoring and rebalancing the energy patterns that form your inner and outer experiences.

The result is deep healing at its core and an awakening to YOU as the healer and creator in your life!


Here are some of the tools Michele uses and teaches to help YOU awaken your inner healing code and ability.

Medical Intuition

Medical intuition is based on the philosophy and science that   psychological/physical/emotional patterns correlate with diseases. These patterns are held within the bio field, which serves as a master control system for all physiological functions.

As a medical intuitive Michele is able to see, feel or know where these disturbances lie. She provides corrections, so that the bio field and subsequently the body itself can more easily and naturally return to optimal function.

These corrections can impact all systems within the body that are not in homeostasis. They can help with weight loss, emotional disturbances, chronic disease and the list continues.

Michele is an accredited medical intuitive through Millennium Education. She has been trained by Jean Sheenan, principal of Millennium Education. Medical Intuition encompasses Quantum Physics, new age sciences, Universal Mind consciousness, transformation and connection to true abundance.

Emotional Freedom Technique

  • Disturbing emotions like grief, anxiety, depression and anger.
  • Stress-management, overwhelm and insomnia.
  • Pre and post-natal emotional difficulties. Release your past negative experiences to allow you to fully enjoy and embrace motherhood. We also work with fears related to birthing and releasing negative past birth experiences.
  • Emotions related to addictive patterns like over-eating, smoking, alcohol abuse and bulimia.
  • Phobia’s and Fears. Heights, flying, snakes, dogs etc. We work with young children too.
  • Past events that you can’t ‘let go’ of. Finding the ability to forgive.

Emotional Freedom Technique is about returning the mind, body and emotions to a state of balance and harmony so that you are not limited by negative thoughts and feelings. Even though we are ‘designed’ to recover from unpleasant past experiences and trauma, we are often still affected by these recurring emotions and negative thought patterns. We can also be affected by ongoing or future events such as work-related stress, interpersonal problems, depression and various kinds of anxieties. These emotions can become ‘stuck’ and as much as we try to ignore them, they still affect our lives.

Emotional Freedom Technique is a very effective yet gentle method of directly balancing the body’s emotional energy system. It’s a bit like clearing a log that’s blocking a stream where the log represents a stuck emotion in your stream of energy.

By using this process, I will help you clear the disruptions in your body’s energy pathway and enable you to release the emotional conflicts and blocks which have created stress, negative emotions and limiting beliefs. When these blockages are released, your emotions come into balance.


ThetaHealing® is about healing, it is about knowingly connecting to the Universal Energy to co-create your life for the better.

What is ThetaHealing®?

ThetaHealing® involves entering into the Theta brain wave and connecting with the Creator of All That Is (Energy of Unconditional Love) to help facilitate the healing process. Through ThetaHealing®, one learns how to change limiting subconscious beliefs and programs, and replace them with positive beliefs in order to reduce stress and promote health.

In ThetaHealing®, you learn and become aware that you are not alone, and that there is a magnificent Creative Life Force existing in you and around you.

Change Your Beliefs, Change Your Life

Everything is Energy. Thoughts and Beliefs are real things. They have substance and energy in the body. We work by changing negative beliefs and replacing with positive ones such as loving yourself, feelings of empowerment to make change, confidence, self-respect, dignity, compassion, and much more.. Once an individual is thinking positively it is then possible to attract what they desire, make more positive choices, and change their life.

ThetaHealing® helps people to make positive shifts and transformations in the present, so that they are more enabled to live their life more fully, healthfully, with unconditional love, increased abundance, forgiveness and with the awareness of their ability to co-create their lives in a positive way, for the better.

You are Connected to Unconditional Love

ThetaHealing® reminds people of what they already know – – that they are connected to the Energy That Flows through All Things, and that this Energy is inside of them and is unconditional love, a knowing love. This is the Energy that helps to heal them in a ThetaHealing®, and co-creates and manifests with them. This Energy is the energy of pure truth and the highest peace.

ThetaHealing® is about healing, it is about knowingly connecting to the Creator to co-create your life for the better. It is about changing your beliefs and changing your life. It is about getting rid of your internal prejudices, resentments and fears, and replacing them with positive beliefs so that people may live more harmoniously, and ultimately strive toward World Peace.

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